Art Memorial


Monumental sculptors in Granite, Marble and Portland Stone. Distinctive memorials executed to any design and erected throughout the South of England.

The Art Memorial Company can offer high quality materials with a personal service that takes care of every aspect of administration with local and church authorities. The Art Memorial Company is based on recommendation and patience to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the finished memorial.

We specialise in using the following materials:


A very strong and durable material by nature and when polished virtually maintenance free. Suitable for the British climate and available in many colours, imported from three countries. Polishing brings out the deep colour of the stone, which then enables rainwater to wash clean.


Predominately white and from Italy, will need a certain amount of maintenance and not recommended for use near trees or damp areas that are in constant shade. Marble memorials are very attractive when recently fixed into place, but will require cleaning after a few years in the British climate. Marble is allowed in most cemeteries but not in Churchyards.

Portland Stone

A light coloured stone which can be carved into many attractive shapes, ages quite quickly. Used predominately in Churchyards.

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