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The Art Memorial Company was established in 1946 by a Mr John Knowles on a site in Dorset that appears to have been used for the manufacture of stone products since the early 1900’s. John Knowles was a sculptor and monumental mason. He occupied the existing premises at 260 Bournemouth Road, Parkstone.

From workshops there he manufactured by hand memorials, statues and fountains in marble, granite and local Portland and Purbeck stone. John Knowles worked alone moving heavy materials manually until his death at the age of 84 in 2000. In his latter years, the main premises in Parkstone became dilapidated and run down. He was only able to concentrate on his immediate monumental work in hand. Over a fifty year period John Knowles created many prestigious monuments and was both well known and well liked throughout the area of Bournemouth and Poole.


After Mr John Knowles’ death, his son John Robert Knowles (who had worked with his father thirty five years earlier) returned to England and gradually refurbished the premises and revamped the business. Diversifying the range of products available to include ceramics and genuine chimeneas from Mexico, decorative bronzes from Asia and fountains and water features from the USA.


The mainstay of The Art Memorials’ business is still artistic and distinctive memorials.  Specialising in maintenance free, highly Polished Granite Memorials.  The Art Memorials’ availability of choice for granite, colours and textures has grown considerably in recent times.  They hold a range of over 40 different named granites, imported from all areas of the World.  All are available in a variety of finishes and literally hundreds of different designs.  There is also a bespoke memorial service available for those who might have their own design ideas.  John Robert Knowles is more than happy to discuss and develop these ideas with his customers, making sure that the end results are memorials of lasting beauty.

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